The Wig Book 3 – Happy Holidays

In this third installment of THE WIG ¬†books, Sofie has high hopes for the upcoming holiday season but Mother Nature has different plans…
An unexpected invasion, a new family pet, a Christmas non-miracle, and other mishaps await Sofie, the queen of not-so-great luck.
Will Sofie’s family make it back to Oak Park, IL, in time for Christmas?
Will this holiday season be memorable?
- “I like the quote ‘It was taking a stroll across Grandma’s forehead.’ I also like the part when Winston was farting in the car.” – kid’s review on Amazon
- “I love this book. This is my favorite book. I’m 10 and I highly recommend it.”
- “Sofie is a spunky kid with an eye for mischief, and kids will be charmed by her latest antics and giggle all the way through this tweentastic read!” – children’s librarian
- “Fans of Clementine will be excited to read this series…Every chapter being its own stand-alone vignette in Sofie’s life makes THE WIG series a great read-aloud.” – children’s librarian
- “Sofie and Izzy are art it again! This installment of THE WIG books is as funny and poignant as ever…Funny and heartwarming.” – children’s bookseller
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