The Wig Book 2 – New School & Other Stuff

Join Sofie on her new (mis) adventures in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.
She didn’t ask for those nasty ‘pets’.
She didn’t want to be famous.
And she definitely did NOT expect a bigger family!
But no one ever asks the 5th grader for HER opinion.
(If you loved Greg Heffley, you’ll LOVE Sofia.)
- “This book is way funnier than Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I am a 10 year old boy  and I loved this book. It was really funny.” – kid’s review on Amazon
- “There’s a good deal of madcap action and several embarrassing moments, and kids Sofie’s age…will be plenty amused.” – Kirkus Reviews 
- “Really funny  and hilarious. Reminds me of the Junie B. Jones series and Judy Blume books.” – Goodreads review
- “Great book. This one is even funnier than the first. It’s not just for girls. I loved it and so did my sister.”
- “Suerth once again charms readers with this new episode. Sofie navigates the pleasures and perils of tweendom with a spunky grace… (Her) adventures remind me of an older version of Ramona.” – children’s bookseller 
- “This book has pathos, dignity, and humor…Suerth attacks thorny issues with unflinching resolve…Once again, a stellar book from Renata Suerth. Fans of the Lemonade Wars will be happy to know that there is another series of equal quality for them to enjoy.” – VINE VOICE, TOP 500 REVIEWER
- “This was a wonderfully written, humorous book…It engaged my young daughter so much that she (wants to) read it again.  This would be such a good read for those entering their  tween  and early teenage years when that awkward age strikes.” – Goodreads review
The above reviews can be found in their entirety at Kirkus Reviews, Goodreads, and various Amazon sites.