Sofia and I went to a WIG store, #7


I tried on a bunch of wigs.

Hmmm…I wonder which one we should get for Grandma.

Grandma’s cabbage soup, #6


IT was NOT good ! ! !

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We’re here! #5


Grandma Ursula was very happy to see us.
Here is a picture of her.

(Grandma WAS wearing pink lipstick but I can’t find my pink crayon right now. I bet Sofia took it!)


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I’m back! #4

I counted 231 blue cars and 49 red cars on the road while riding to Grandma’s house. It was hard to keep track and it didn’t help that Sofia was whining the WHOLE time!!! She didn’t want to know WHEN we would get there, which is a normal question. She wanted to know WHY we had to move. She kept asking OVER and OVER. She gave me a giant headache.

So, the number of blue and red cars could be wrong. And if it is, it’s my sister’s fault.

P.S. You’re probably wondering how come I’m such a great speller.
TWO reasons:
First of all…I’m super smart. (I was supposed to skip kindergarten but my mom said NO.)
And second of all…the computer fixes my mistakes.
So NOW you know.

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Here is a picture of me and my sister, #3


I can draw a lot better when I’m NOT riding in a bumpy car.
For real.

(I think Mom is a way better driver than Dad. She drives AROUND pot holes. She doesn’t AIM for them like Dad does.)

I’ll draw you a better picture as soon as we get to Grandma’s.
IF we ever get there.

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The Big Move, #2


We are moving to¬†Grandma’s house today!!!

She wears a big brown wig.

I wonder if she will let me borrow it.

I bet she will. Why wouldn’t she? I’m her grandkid.

I’m happy about moving. My sister is NOT. She looks like she’s about to cry. The big baby.

(You probably want to know what we look like. I’ll draw you a picture in the car.)

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MY Diary, #1

(Summer 2012)


I’m Izzy and this is MY diary. That’s right. It’s MINE!

DO NOT read it (especially if your name is Sofia and you’re my sister) because I’ll be writing lots of secret stuff in here.

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